Weekly Newsletter for 6/8/20

Dear Room 4 Families,

This is the last week of school! We will be focusing on wrapping up the year so there is no distance learning plan this last week. Here are some suggestions for what to do this week:

  • Continue to read every day! You can use your Kids A-Z and Level Chinese account to access books.
  • Practice skills on Khan Academy, IXL, and Prodigy. Most of your accounts should work into the summer.
  • Add to the End of the Year slideshow/memory book. All of the 2nd grade entries will be put together into one big slideshow to be shared with the 2nd grade classes so that your child can see and remember all of their friends. If you do not want to have your child’s photograph online, a photograph does not have to be included. The link to the Google Slides is here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1gF8uGRoXFyTSAP_JE2EGRtzQd2bMnn-X3HWdlbHdvvY/edit?usp=sharing
  • The classroom Quizlet is available to review the vocabulary we learned this year. It will be beneficial for your child to continue to study their Mandarin to be prepared for 3rd grade: https://quizlet.com/graceyou

Our last Zoom meeting of 2nd grade will be held on Thursday, June 11th from 2-3pm. We will be celebrating the end of the year with a few fun activities.

  • Our theme for this meeting is “Dress Up!” Whether your child feels like wearing their best dress/suit, their old Halloween costume, or putting on all of their fun accessories, we are all sure to have lots of fun on our last day of school!
  • If your child is allowed food/drink at the computer, they can join us in celebrating our last day with a few snacks and a beverage.
  • We will be doing a science challenge at our Zoom meeting. Your child will need: 1 medium sized doll or plushie with legs (bigger than a hand but less than a foot tall), 3 pieces of paper, 12 inches of tape.

Looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it to our last Zoom meeting this year!

Have a great week of learning,

-Ms. You

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