Mandarin YouTube Playlists

Please watch with your child and make sure the content and material is appropriate for them. There may be advertisements or scenes in the videos that you may find inappropriate for your child.

Sesame Street – Fun Fun Elmo (pre K – 1)

Pocoyo (2nd grade +)

Xi Yang Yang – Happy Goat and Grey Wolf (2nd grade +)


Disney Songs in Mandarin


The Story of Chinese Character  (1st grade+)


Pororo (K-3)



Read Aloud Mandarin Stories 2nd grade +)


Chinese Nursery Rhymes (PreK+)


Chinese Songs for Children (PreK+)


Chinese Short Stories for Children (1st grade +)


Assorted Kids Mandarin Lessons (primary grades)

500 Most Common Used Chinese Characters


Learn Chinese PinYin with Blue Cat (Grades 3+)


Chinese Poetry (3rd grade+)


Chinese Idoms and Poems ( 5th grade+)


Happy Chinese – Kuai Le Han Yu – (Intermediate Grades, some adult content such as dating, drinking, etc.) Contains conversational language, grammar/vocabulary, cultural and history lessons.


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