Homework Information

Here are some helpful tidbits for your child’s homework this year.

Please contact Ms. You for your child’s password to any individual accounts. My e-mail address is posted on the ClassDojo stories wall.

Raz-Kids aka Kids A-Z:

Teacher’s Name: gyou0


Recording your Chinese passage for the week:

You may record in any way that is easiest for you. Voki.com offers the most engaging and fun way for your child to record their sound clip.

Tutorial Video for Voki.com: https://youtu.be/-JrU9Jh5QAs

You can also use Vocaroo.com  to record and send me the voice clip.

Or you can use your default computer voice recorder, save the file, and e-mail it to me directly.



Your child’s password is 12345678 unless it has been changed upon request. Please refer to the card that was sent home for your child’s username. The access code on the card is not the password. You can use iChineseReader as part of your child’s required 40 minutes of Mandarin reading for the week. You can just write “iChineseReader” on the reading log under the title of the book and skip the author and pages.

There is an app for the iPad, but not the iPhone.

The webpage is here: https://ichinesereader.com

Spelling City: (We are not using this for the 2017-2018 school year)

If you’d like a premium account, please contact me. The premium accounts will expire on October 3rd, 2016. A class set of accounts is $52.95 (for a minimum required purchase of 25 student accounts) if any parents are interested in having access to the premium features for the year. We can also combine access with Room 7 and purchase a total of 42 accounts for $84.00.

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