Homework Policy

Homework is generally passed out on Friday and returned the following Friday. The exceptions are Fridays where we do not have school and for any special projects. Please check your child’s backpack daily for any important papers or work that has been passed back that needs to be reviewed. Generally I will put a “✓” or “incomplete” or “please finish” on the top of the paper if the work needs to be looked over at home.

This year, your child will be preparing for their weekly spelling and Chinese dictation tests on Friday. These tests will alternate every other week and your child is responsible for the information from the last two weeks. It is essential that you monitor your child’s homework and study habits to ensure their success on these tests and in school.

Homework includes spelling, Mandarin, English Language Arts, math, and a minimum of 20 minutes of reading each day. Homework will be graded with a +, ✓, or – to indicate completion. It is your responsibility to check your child’s homework for completion and accuracy. There are online portions to your child’s Mandarin homework, which are expected to be submitted by the time they return their homework packet on Friday.

Your child’s homework consists of 6 parts:

  1. Reading for 20 minutes (MINIMUM) a day
  2. Spelling
  3. English Language Arts/Writing
  4. Math
  5. Chinese
  6. Parent signature indicating that you checked for accuracy and completion.

The homework reinforces material that was taught in class for the week and helps prepare your child for their  weekly spelling test, reading test, Chinese dictation, and math topic tests. Your child is responsible for bringing their homework home in their backpacks on Friday, and returning the completed homework into the white basket on Friday. Your child will be using Quizlet to help them study and either Voki or Vocaroo to record their sound clips. Vocaroo is easier to use, but Voki is more fun for your child due to the customization options of their avatar. Here is a video tutorial on how to record on Voki.com: https://youtu.be/-JrU9Jh5QAs

Please help your child develop good study habits by creating an after school homework routine. Your child should have a quiet spot in the house with the materials they need to complete their homework. They should be in the habit of sitting down and completing a portion of their homework every day.

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