Parent Volunteers

If you would like to be a classroom volunteer this year and you have already completed the volunteer process last year, you do not need to complete a new one this year. Please first check with the office to make sure that your information is in the volunteer binder and up to date.

If you have not started the volunteer process, please  go to the office to get a new volunteer packet from our office manager Sherry.

All classroom volunteers require:

  • Proof of negative TB test
  • Fingerprint clearance (PTA pays for half)
  • Completion of all forms
  • A volunteer badge  displayed while on campus (different from the sticker)

Please return all paperwork and direct all questions regarding volunteering to the office.

Parents that are cleared to volunteer in the classroom are also cleared to attend field trips. Field trip drivers require an additional process.

To sign up for a volunteer spot, please visit this link:

It is important that you swap your spot with someone or inform me if you are unable to come in for your assigned spot.

All field trip drivers require:

  • A completed classroom volunteer packet (with TB test and fingerprint clearance)
  • A completed driver form
  • A copy of your valid drivers license
  • A copy of the declaration page of your car insurance policy (the page that has the dollar amount of coverage – you are required to have comprehensive coverage)

Thank you for your interest in helping!

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