Class Rules

Room 4 students took the time to have a group discussion to come up with our classroom rules. We agreed that the reason we are at school is because we are here to learn. After discussing what behaviors would help us learn the best, we determined that we all need to:

  1. Sit the right way for where we are at (carpet, desks, outside, etc.)
  2. Be cooperative with each other by being helpful and caring. This includes using kind words, keeping our hands and feet to each other, and finding a way to get along and not create any problems.
  3. Walk, because running may lead to an accident.
  4. Pay attention to your own work. If we are focused on our own classwork, we will do a better job and we will not be distracting the people around us from their learning.
  5. Talk when it’s your turn. Do not steal the chance from someone else when it is their turn to talk. This also means that when the teacher is talking, the class is listening and they aren’t talking when the teacher is talking.
  6. Only water in the classroom. No soda, juice, snacks, food, etc. Those food items need to be in the lunch cart.

Our individual behavior report system is a website called ClassDojo. Your child will earn points that will recognize their behavior up on the cabinets in the back of the classroom.  At the end of the day, they can see how their overall behavior was. Every 100 points earns your child a pick from the treasure chest. Both Mr. Chen and I are able to give and take away ClassDojo points for your child.

You can use the ClassDojo website to check your child’s daily behavior report, or wait for the weekly e-mail. If you have not received an invite to the website, please e-mail me with your child’s name and I will send you an invitation.

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