Weekly Newsletter for 2/17/17


Dear Room 4 Families,

What a fun week we had with Valentine’s Day! Thanks to all the parents who came in to volunteer and donated money and supplies for our “Love Bug” craft and cookies. Our class really enjoyed passing out Valentine’s and doing Valentine’s Day themed activities.

This week in English Language Arts we have been working on our reading comprehension skills via our reading centers. I am currently pulling students to re-assess reading levels to see if they can move up. We learned a new activity for our word work center this week and will soon be incorporating it into our rotations. We will also be starting partner reading once we practice and learn the routines.

This week in math, we have been continuing with addition strategies for larger numbers and have started subtraction strategies for larger numbers. We will continue with subtraction strategies next week. We have been enjoying using Front Row on the Chromebooks for individualized math instruction.

Some important announcements: 

1. Our upcoming school schedule is different. Please make note:

  • No school on Monday, February 20th.
  • Minimum days on: 2/21, 2/22, 2/23, 2/24, and 2/27. We will be following the Wednesday schedule for all of these dates with lunch from 11:00-11:30 and dismissal at 1:00 pm.

2. The Math Benchmark 2 Assessment will be administered in about 2 weeks. It will include topics on:

  •   skip counting (by 2’s, 5’s, 10s, and 100’s from any 2- or 3-digit number)
  •   counting coins
  •   time telling to 5 minutes
  •   name and attributes (number of corners, sides, edges, vertices, faces, etc.) of 2D and 3D shapes
  •  sharing and equal shares (fractions)
  • addition and subtraction using different strategies (count on/down, make a friendly 10 or 100, number line, fact family, etc.)
  • solving word problems with addition and subtraction

Please help your child be prepared for it.

3. Second grade will be participating in the science fair this year. It will be part of the science and homework grades for your child’s trimester 3 report card.  Detailed information was sent home today. Please read it over and help your child select a project question (aka an experiment). Your child needs to return the participation slip with their project question title written on it by Friday, 3/3/2017. Tri-fold boards will be sent home in late March along with a rubric. The project is due 4/25/2017 on the day of Open House.

4. Please check the PTA calendar for upcoming PTA events: https://sites.google.com/site/16to17chen/Event-Calendar

Here are next week’s homework links:

Thanks and have a great 3-day weekend!

-Ms. You



Weekly Newsletter for 2/10/17

Dear Room 4 Families,

This week we celebrated our 100th day of school! We read some fun stories and did some other fun themed activities during the day. Next week we do not have school on Monday in observance of Lincoln’s birthday. We resume a normal school schedule on Tuesday, just in time for Valentine’s Day! If your child decides to pass out valentines, please do not write individual student names on each one. Your child can write their name in the “from” section. This helps expedite the process of passing them out as we take turns throughout the day. We currently have 20 students in our class.

This week in English language arts, we have been working on making inferences in the texts that we read. In writing, we are working on the revising, peer editing, and final drafts of our opinion writing pieces.

For math, we are working on different addition strategies for adding bigger numbers. We will be working on a few more addition strategies before moving onto subtraction strategies.

Here are next week’s homework links:

Have a great 3-day weekend!

-Ms. You

Weekly Newsletter for 2/3/17


Dear Room 4 Families, Thank you to all of our wonderful parents who helped support and chaperone our field trip today. Our class had so much fun learning about different types of aircrafts, the mechanics behind them, and the history. We have a few more field trips in the works, so please keep an eye […]

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Weekly Newsletter for 1/27/17


  Dear Room 4 Families, Happy Chinese New Year’s Eve! Today your child celebrated by participating in rotations with the 2nd and 3rd grade teachers. Your child had the opportunity to make crafts, learn about the Chinese zodiac, and experience the festivities that the Chinese participate during New Year’s. Happy year of the rooster! Next […]

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Weekly Newsletter for 1/20/17


Dear Room 4 Families, Today your child brought home their permission slip for the Hiller Aviation Museum field trip on Friday, February 3rd. Please read the letter on the front with the schedule and complete the boxes marked with an asterisk. If your child does not have any medical conditions or medications, please put “N/A” […]

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Weekly Newsletter for 1/13/17


  Dear Room 4 Families, This week your child has been working on some very tricky concepts! We have been learning elements of art through Zentangle, a meditative drawing style. Your child has been learning how to create and shade their art. In math, we are working on mental math – using place value to […]

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Weekly Newsletter for 1/6/17


Dear Room 4 Families, Happy 2017! I hope everyone feels well rested and had a great Winter Break. This week your child came back to school and dived right in to our regular routines. Our expectations for work and behavior have been increased as your child should fully understand the routines that we have established […]

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Weekly Newsletter for 12/16/16

Dear Room 4 Families, We had a fun and exciting week at school.Your child enjoyed their last day before Winter Break with a holiday movie, crafts, and yummy hot chocolate! We said goodbye to our dear friend Mina who is moving away and her last day of school was today. She handed out little journals […]

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Weekly Newsletter for 2/8/16

Dear Room 4 Families, Room 4 students learned so much during this very short week! Your child presented their Heritage Doll in front of the class and learned how to be a good audience. They loved learning about each other and seeing each other’s dolls. Pictures will be posted on your child’s individual class story […]

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Weekly Newsletter for 12/2/16

Dear Room 4 Families, We had such a busy we back from Thanksgiving break! In English Language Arts we have been starting our guided reading groups (differentiated instruction and small group work), rotating centers independently, while learning and practicing reading strategies. The strategies will help improve our reading and comprehension. The Heritage doll was due […]

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