In second grade, your child’s educational goals are:

  • To write a short paragraph (several sentences) about a subject independently
  • To participate in classroom conversations and make requests in Chinese
  • To memorize the vocabulary for daily use words (school, self, family, fruits, color, weather, math words, shapes, mood, adjectives, verbs, body parts, clothing, vehicles, sports, money, telling time, animals, measure words, etc.)
  • To understand and respond to questions by using short phrases
  • To be able to introduce themselves to another person in Mandarin
  • To start producing their own phrases instead of using memorized scripts
  • Understand and respond to Chinese stories
  • To understand and use more complex sentence structures and grammatical forms

As you can see, your child has a lot to learn! You can help support your child’s Mandarin language acquisition by practicing with them at home. This includes making sure that they complete their Chinese homework/study for dictation, asking them to repeat words and explaining what they mean. There are many resources on my webpage that can help increase exposure to the Mandarin language and culture. Please explore these links with your child throughout the year.

This year, I will be switching classes with Mr. Chen, and he will be teaching the Mandarin Language Arts portion of our day. I will be using Mandarin throughout the day with the class, during calendar/carpet time, math, and other subject areas.


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