2nd Grade Supply List 2016-2017

2nd Grade Optional Class Supply List

As many families shop for school supplies, we hope the following teacher suggested list would be helpful. Please note that this is an optional list of materials that may be donated for your child’s use in the classroom. You are not required to purchase any of these items.

Except for those items listed as personal supplies, please do not put your child’s name on “shared classroom supplies”.

Personal supplies: Please write your child’s name on each item

  • 1 SMALL backpack (NO wheels please, must fit in cubbie)
    1 standard size pencil box
    1 12-inch ruler
    1 plastic 2-pocket folders for homework (any color)
    1 pair child safe scissors
    1 pk. Crayola colored pencils
    1 set skinny Classic Crayola Markers
    1 box Crayola Crayons 24 count


Shared classroom supplies: Please put all shared supplies in a bag with your child’s name on it

  • 1 pack (24 count) Scotch 3M permanent glue sticks (from Costco
    or Amazon)
    2 ballpoint pens of each color – red, green, blue, and black
    4 white Magic rub erasers
    #2 Ticonderoga brand pencils – 48 count
    2 containers of antibacterial wipes
    1 box each of snack, quart, and gallon size Ziploc storage baggies
    4 boxes of Kleenex
    $5 cash (optional donation) for shared supplies

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