Weekly Newsletter for 5/11/20

Dear Room 4 Families,

I really enjoyed all of the photographed artwork for Teacher’s Appreciation week! Thank you so much!  Also, a big thank you for your continued support and hard work at home. It truly takes a community to educate a child!

To clarify a few questions regarding the distance learning plan:

  1. Any new content or content that your child may have forgotten includes a YouTube video link in the distance learning plan, or a weblink to help support the new content. For Math, those lessons are assigned weekly in Khan Academy.
  2. Students work and learn at different speeds. The instructional videos can be paused and replayed for review. If needed, you can modify their workload so that your child has 2 hours of work per weekday.
  3. Some families have been reporting links that don’t work in the distance learning plan. It seems that if the link goes across 2 lines, only the first line will appear in your browser. You will need to copy/paste the link into your browser, or download the document as a word file and do “Ctrl” + Click to open the link. Thank you for pointing out any typos and errors, please continue to do so if you notice any!
  4. The homework packet is an option for distance learning. It may be used as a replacement for the online assignments OR as a supplementary enrichment packet alongside the distance learning plan assignments for families that want their child to have additional work to practice with.
  5. To my current understanding, Trimester 3 report card grades will be assigned as credit/no credit based on participation.  Please make sure to turn in the required assignments by Friday at 12pm to be counted in the weekly attendance. I can accept late assignments, but I cannot change attendance after it has been submitted for the week.

The Distance Learning Plan can be accessed here:

Have a great week of learning!

-Ms. You

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