Animal Report

The Animal Report has been assigned to your child as a cross-curriculum project. Please make sure to start the project on time and work on it daily so it is not overwhelming to do last-minute. Your child has 3 weeks to work on the 3 phases of writing.

Week 1 will be research and note-taking, Week 2 will be writing rough draft paragraphs, editing, and revising, and Week 3 will be final draft and class presentation in our Zoom meeting on Friday, June 5th.

Your child will:

  1. Select an animal to research. Encourage your child to be creative and try to pick an animal that no one else will choose.
  2. Research them in a book and/or online while taking notes on the note taking sheet. You can print a copy of the note taking sheet, save a copy into your own google drive and fill it out digitally, or use a blank sheet of paper and refer to the digital file as a guideline. A good website with comprehensive information is
  3. Write a draft for each chapter of their Animal Book. Their paragraphs should include a title, a topic sentence, ~3 details, and a conclusion sentence.
  4. Edit and revise their drafts. Usually they would self-edit and then peer-edit in the classroom, so they will need a parent or older sibling to help with the peer-editing portion.
  5. Work on their final draft and illustrate with detailed and colorful pictures.
  6. Your child will have the chance to present about their animal during our Friday Zoom Meeting.

Your child has 3 options, please help them choose based off of the best situation for your family:

  1. Print the physical pages and complete them.
  2. If you don’t have a printer, your child may create their own book with blank paper.
  3. You can complete a digital project via Google Slides. MAKE A COPY of the google slide presentation to your own gmail account (File -> Make a Copy -> Entire Presentation). Please do not edit the original file as other families will be accessing the document.

You can access the downloadable/printable PDFs here: 

You can access the digital project files here (Remember to save a copy into your own Google Drive):

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