Heritage Doll

Heritage Doll Project

     Most people in the United States have ancestors who came from other countries.  Some ancestors moved here long ago and others have just moved here.  Ancestors of Native Americans were here long before any of the others.


  1. Pick an ancestor who came here from another country (Japan, Africa, Mexico, The Philippines, England, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, China, etc.)

I would like you to discuss your family’s ethnic heritage with your child. As a family, please decide how to dress your doll to reflect your family background. The paper doll can be “dressed” to reflect the national costume or the dress of a particular country.

  1. Check the library, encyclopedias, and the internet for clothing ideas.
  1. Cut your doll.
  1. Use fabric, wallpaper, markers, old clothing, tissue paper, colored paper, cotton balls, buttons, ribbons, paint, etc. to dress your doll. Do not forget to give your doll a face and hair.
  1. Bring your doll in to share on Monday, December 3rd. Be ready to tell about which country your doll is from, what ancestor came from that country (mom, dad, grandmother, great-grandfather, etc.), and talk about the clothing that your doll is wearing.  Be sure to practice this 2 or 3 times at home to be prepared for your presentation. You will not be able to read from your write up paper. Students will be presenting all week, so please help them get ready. 

*All completed dolls will be displayed in the classroom for all to enjoy!*

The downloadable file is available here:

Heritage Doll Project 2019-2020

Heritage Doll Template


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