Spelling – Week 32

2nd Grade Spelling – Week 32

Words with the suffix –est  and academic vocabulary

Spelling Words

  1. fastest
  2. slowest
  3. biggest
  4. shortest
  5. context
  6. softest
  7. select
  8. brightest
  9. tallest
  10. bravest

Challenge Words

  1. funniest
  2. silliest


*Challenge words are worth 1 point of extra credit each if spelled correctly on your spelling test.

Dictation Sentences

  1. The smartest students check their results and revise their work.
  1. It was the biggest, fastest, loudest truck I had ever seen.

Spelling City: https://www.spellingcity.com/view-spelling-list.html?listId=34294108

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