Timeline Project

2nd Grade Timeline Project


Second Grade will be doing a timeline project. Each student is asked to create a timeline of important events from their lives.


  1. When most people hear the term “timeline,” they think about historical events. But every person has a history, too, and your child is no different. Start by talking to your child about the key events in his/her life, for example, the day he/she was born, the month he/she started to talk or walk, when his siblings arrived, dates of favorite vacations, the month you moved to a new house, or when he/she first started school. Write them down, along with a few words about each in Chinese, for example:
  • 〇〇三年三月五日 我出生!” (March 5, 2003. I was born!)
  • 〇〇四年四月十二日 我的弟弟出生!” (April 12, 2004. My younger brother was born!)
  • 〇〇六年夏天 迪士尼乐园” (Summer, 2006. Trip to Disneyland)
  • 〇〇九年八月二十四日 第一天上学” (August 24, 2009. First Day of School)
  • 一一年五月 我们搬家” (May 2011. We moved.)
  1. Cut a long sheet of paper from a paper roll, or you can tape a few pieces of paper together to form a long sheet (final paper should be about 2 feet long). If you need a piece of paper, please see your teacher.
  1. Lay it out on a table horizontally and using a ruler, draw a line through the middle, dividing it horizontally.
  1. Above the line, write the key events of your child’s life, left to right, leaving a few inches of space between each.
  1. Below the line, put the date and let your child illustrate each event—either with family photos, or with drawings.
  2. The headline should be titled with their name. Example- “陈老师的时间线” (Mr. Chen’s Timeline)

This project is due to your teacher on:  Friday, 9/18/2015

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