Week 12

Lesson 5.1

Read your passage out loud at least once a day. Please use the CD from our Chinese Textbook (MeiZhou Chinese Volume 2) to listen to this week’s passage and have your child read along to practice for their recording.

Record your self reading the passage on Voki.com or Vocaroo.com and send the url to Ms. Li via e-mail or ClassDojo. You can also take a video or any other preferred way to capture the recording.

Dictation Words: 

给你 gěi nǐ – give you something
拿给 ná gěi – to give
过来 guò lái – to come here; come here!
再来玩儿 guò lái wánr – come again!
送给 sòng gěi – to give something
送他回家 sòng tā huí jiā – to give him a ride home
回家 huí jiā – to return home; to go home
回答 huí dá – to answer

Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/17581077/mz2-5-1s-flash-cards/

Passage link: http://www.mzchinese.net/Resources/Videos/level%202/simplified/lesson%205%20text-S.swf


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