Week 2

Lesson 1.3

Read your passage out loud at least once a day.

Record your self reading the passage on Voki.com or Vocaroo.com and send the url to Ms. Li via e-mail or ClassDojo. You can also take a video or any other preferred way to capture the recording. 

NOTE: A CD from our Chinese textbook was sent home with your child’s homework. They will need this CD for the rest of the school year. Please update the most recent version of Adobe and access the Mandarin class materials through the CD. If you choose to download the files linked below, you will also need to have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed.

 Dictation Words:

牛肉 – beef
鸟巢 – bird nest
名字 – name
牛油 – butter
马路 – road; street
钓鱼 – to fish


Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/17579290/mz2-1-1s-flash-cards/

All of the vocabulary that your child is learning in class is included in the Quizlet set. Only some are selected for the dictation test on Friday. Your child is responsible for knowing all of the words but will only be tested on the ones listed above.

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