Last Newsletter of the Year! 3rd Grade Resource List

Dear Room 4 Families,

I want to thank everyone for contributing to such a wonderful year! Your children were a pleasure to teach. Our class enjoyed a fun last week of school with many end of the year activities, and we had a great last day of school celebration. Please check your child’s backpack for their report cards and any mementos that you would like to keep. Your child received a black and white copy of our class yearbook. If you would like the color copy and/or your child’s portrait from the yearbook taken by our awesome parent volunteer Laura, please e-mail me with your child’s name and what you would like a copy of.

Many of you are asking about resources for third grade. Here is a link to an article from that clearly lists what your child should know already and is expected to do in 3rd grade.

For families that want to brush up on skills from 2nd grade or would like to start preparing for 3rd grade, there are many workbooks that can be purchased that will help your child practice and retain skills. Costco is currently selling workbooks for about 8 dollars that review math and English. If you feel like your child needs to review 2nd grade material, I would suggest purchasing the 2nd grade book. If you would like to start working on 3rd grade skills, I would recommend to purchase the 3rd grade book. The following are some links to workbooks that have been popular with families in the past. The Amazon link is just so you can see the pictures of what they look like:

For those who want to have your 3rd grader practice their skills on the computer (which will help them with their standardized testing next year!), I highly recommend as a learning website. It is neatly organized, sorted by subject and grade level, and addresses all of the grade level standards in a methodical way.  If you have children in other grades, they have games targeted towards all primary grades and pre-K. There is a subscription fee for unlimited access and they also have a paid iPad game available in the Apple app store. They do offer a limited amount of free games per day, so if you wanted to play a game or two daily, you and your child could navigate the website and go through all of the standards throughout the summer.

Here are some other websites that offer skill practice. Some are free, some have subscription fees, and some are paid sites with free areas to explore.  Please remember to monitor your child’s usage. Some of the websites will require adult assistance in navigating and finding age appropriate games.

The following is a list of Chinese games that you can play online. Please remember to practice over the summer and review words that they have already learned so your child is ready to start 3rd grade Mandarin!

Thank you once again for such a wonderful year! Have a great summer and I’ll see you and your child in 3rd grade!


-Ms. You


  1. Oksana Kazimi says:

    Ms. You! Thank you for being you! Jamal was again fortunate to have another great teacher and therefore year!!!

    Pls send me yearbook and his photo if and when u can

    Stay in touch and keep us in the loop with Mandarin tutoring

    Good night!

    Sent from Oksana’s I Phone


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