Weekly Newsletter for 9/19/14

Dear Room 4 Families,

Homework has been passed out today and is in your child’s backpack. It is due next Friday. Spelling and dictation tests will alternate every other week. Your child took their first spelling test today. Next Friday your child will be taking their Chinese dictation test. They will need to be responsible for the words from the last two weeks of homework for the test, and they will be randomly selected.

The Chinese homework (Lingt) needs to be submitted to me online by Friday each week. If you are having trouble with the Lingt, please make sure that you have a microphone and the latest version of Adobe Flash installed. Lingt is not usable on the iPad. If you are having trouble with it, please contact me and I will gladly help. It is also helpful to have Mandarin installed onto your computer so that you can view the characters. You can read up more about how to do this here: https://graceyou.com/getting-your-computer-mandarin-ready/

Please double check the instructions for each part of the homework packet to ensure that your child is completing it correctly. If you are having trouble with opening any links, you can always access the homework on the menu bar on the top of the page.

This week’s spelling homework and link to Spelling City can be accessed here: https://graceyou.com/spelling-week-2/

This week’s Chinese homework can be viewed at: https://graceyou.com/mandarin-homework-week-2/

The page will have direct links to the online homework on Lingt, and Quizlet, which your child to use to study their dictation words. Please make sure to click on the link for Room 4, or your homework will be sent to the wrong teacher.

Next Tuesday is back to school night, which will be a minimum day. Please plan your child’s pick up accordingly. I look forward to meeting you on Tuesday.

Have a wonderful weekend. Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance with getting your computer homework ready.

-Ms. You

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