Valentine’s Day Party


Dear Room 4 Families,

We will be celebrating Valentine’s day tomorrow on Friday, February 13th. Your child will have the option to eat pizza with a side and a dessert after our regularly scheduled lunch time tomorrow. Please make sure that your child has a snack for school, and if they do not like pizza, that they have a lunch to eat.

As a friendly reminder, valentine’s that are passed out in the classroom need to include everyone in the class. We currently have 21 students.

A few students forgot that they were not supposed to take their valentine’s day owl home today. If your child brought theirs home, please have them bring it back to school tomorrow so they have somewhere to put their things.

Thank you,
-Ms, You


  1. Oksana Kazimi says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day’s, Ms. You!!! You look really pretty today!

    I keep forgetting to ask when is Chinese new year celebration going to be? I keep missing all the fun activities you guys do in the classroom this year….. Thank you so much for everything you do for our children! It’s definitely been one happy, fun, great year!!!



    • Thank you! This year has been really fun with the class!

      Our Chinese New Year rotations will take place on Tuesday, February 24th from 9:10-10:10. Room 4 will be doing a craft and visiting 2 other classrooms. If you’d like to come take pictures or help out, you are welcome to pop in. Just let our room parent know in case she’s coordinating other volunteers.

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