Weekly Newsletter for 5/29/15

Dear Room 4 Families,

As the last full week of school approaches, our students are busy getting ready for third grade. We are wrapping up our units in English Language Arts and Writing. Your child will be meeting in their literature circles on Monday for the third grade lab site observation. This week your child finished taking a math assessment and is in the process of finishing their Mandarin assessments as well.

Today, your child received their last homework for 2nd grade. It is not a homework packet, but rather a special assignment to wrap up the school year with. Your child is required to write a compliment to each student in the classroom. The sentence frame, Chinese names, and the Chinese character traits are already included in the packet. The assignment was also explained in class and should be simple for your child to complete by Friday. It was explained to your child that if they did their homework every day, they should only need to write 3 sentences per day.

Please remember to bring a paper bag with handles to school so that your child has a bag to carry all of their belongings home in.

Have a wonderful weekend,

-Ms. You

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