Weekly Newsletter for 12/3/15

Dear Room 4 Families,

Welcome back from Thanksgiving break! We had such a short week due to Parent-Teacher Conferences. There is no school tomorrow, Friday, December 4th as it is reserved for conferences. School will resume normally next week.

This week we have been focusing on wrapping up our geometry unit in math. Your child is differentiating between plane shapes and solid figures as well as learning the foundation for fractions, including the concepts for partitioning and equal parts. They are also learning the math words associated with this unit such as seconds, thirds, and fourths.

We are still working on informational text and writing. We have started reading Flat Stanley in preparation for our project this winter break. We have been discussing and identifying the features of non-fiction text, using visualization and switching the perspectives of characters during our reading. This week we learned about the main idea or main topic and how it is different from details and how to identify the main idea in both fiction and non-fiction text. We are working on gaining our independence as we move further into our literacy centers and I hope to soon be pulling guided reading groups once the class can sustain all of their reading activities independently for 20 minutes.

This Saturday is the PTA Pancake Breakfast and Winter Concert. Please ask your child when and where they are supposed to be/go.

The Heritage Doll Project is due on Monday. Please make sure your child has practiced their oral presentation (it’s part of their report card grade) and remembers it without any help. Not all students will be able to present their project on Monday due to time constraints. Week 10 homework was passed out today and is due next Friday. There are also 2 tests next week, Monday is the Mandarin dictation, and Friday is the spelling test.

We have been very sniffly this month! If anyone would like to donate boxes of tissues, they will be put to good use!

Here are next week’s homework links:

Have a great 3-day weekend!

-Ms. You

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