Weekly Newsletter for 10/7/16

Dear Room 4 Families,

Our class is starting to settle in nicely as we learn how to work independently, respectfully, and cooperatively with each other. Thank you for reinforcing behavior at home and taking the time to communicate with me about your child’s needs.

This week in English Language Arts we have been busy working on our literacy centers. We hit 20 minutes for “Read to Self” and will be working on sustaining our independent reading next week while we start learning the procedures that will lead to Reader’s Workshop and reading centers. In Writing, we are still working on narrative text and learning how to organize our ideas in a clear and organized manner.

For math, we are working on our Unit 2 – Place Value to 1,000. We are currently working on the idea of “ten-ness” which is how we organize our numbers to be easier to count and add. We are working on this concept via math talks, counting collections, partner games, rekenreks, and other activities. We started learning the procedures for using the Chromebooks for our individualized learning program called Front Row. Please do not use Front Row at home, as it is an individualized learning system and if they are getting answers, the program will be assigning problems that are too difficult for your child to complete.

Here are next week’s homework links:

Thank you,

-Ms. You

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