Weekly Newsletter for 11/18/16

Dear Room 4 Families,

First of all, I want to commend our room parent Liz Archibald for her dedication to our children. She helped the 2nd grade team organize, prepare, and make our Stone Soup celebration very successful. All of our 2nd graders had such a wonderful time! Thank you to all of the families that donated their time volunteering, bringing money and/or supplies for our celebration.

In English Language Arts, we read, compared, and contrasted the differences between Nail Soup and Cactus soup, both variations of Stone Soup, which was our literature study for this month. Your child examined the story structure and identified the most important details in order to recount the story. We have started our guided reading groups, where your child works with me in a small leveled group on comprehension skills, vocabulary, and coaching for their reading. This week we have been working on our writing test for All About books.

For Math, your child completed their benchmark math assessment. We wrapped up our unit for place value to 100 and will start a short unit on Geometry when they are back from Thanksgiving break.

Next week is Thanksgiving break. We will resume school on Monday, November 28th. Please make note of that in your calendars.

During Thanksgiving break, we have the Heritage Doll project, which is due on Friday, December 2nd. Please make sure that your child has practiced what they will say in front of the class as they will not have their paper to reference when they present. Please see the assignment sheet for more details. Week 10 homework was passed out early for those who may want extra time to work on it. Week 10 homework is due on Friday, 12/2 on the same day as the Heritage doll.

Here are the homework links for Week 10:

Have a great Thanksgiving Break and may all of you enjoy the extra time with your families.

-Ms. You


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