Dictation Week 18

礼貌用语  – Polite Terms

你好 – Hello
再见 – Goodbye

对不起 – Sorry
没关系 – It’s okay

请坐 – Please sit
请吃 – Please eat

早上好 – Good morning
老师好 – Hello teacher

谢谢 – Thank you
不客气 – You’re welcome

Listen to Voki: http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=9201435&height=267&width=200

Dictation Words:

条 – a measure word for fish, strips, things that are long and thin, rivers, etc.

尾巴 – tail

点头 – nod

没 – no, not, none, don’t have, there is not

两 – two

高兴 – happy

Quizlet:  http://quizlet.com/32283657/dictation-week-18-flash-cards/

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