Science Fair 2017

DATE: Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

TIME: 5:00-6:00p.m. (before Open House)

SET UP: Take your project to your classroom on Tuesday, April 25th. They will be picked up by the Science Fair team that morning. Late entries may not be accepted. WHERE: Stonebrae Elementary School Cafeteria

WHO: Students Kindergarten-Sixth Grade

WHY: To celebrate and showcase creative thinking! Do you like to figure things out? Are you full of questions about the things around you? Do you want to help make the world a better place? Here’s your chance to show what you know or share something that you’ve discovered.

Here are few ideas for participation:

  • a simple experiment of your choice; i.e. show how a lever works
  • an invention of your choice
  • a hands-on experiment or observation based up the Scientific Method along with a Display Board; i.e. rates at which a variety of items will dissolve in different kinds of solutions The Science Committee asks that you follow these basic guidelines:
  • All displays must be set-up on Tuesday April 25th in the morning.
  • You will not have access to electrical outlets. If your invention/project uses outlets, take photographs of it working and use them in the display. No working volcanoes!
  • Projects & display boards should be no wider than 48 inches. Students will be sharing display space so please be respectful of others.
  • Your display will need to be explained in full in presentation and will not be manned to explain to viewers.

Guidelines for the Scientific Method:

The Scientific Method is helpful for organizing your ideas & getting good results.

  1. Purpose = State the problem. Ask a question.
  2. Form a hypothesis = Write down what you think the answer is to your statement or question.
  3. Make predictions = Guess what you think will happen.
  4. List the materials you used.
  5. Test your hypothesis = Write down all of your steps and tell exactly what happened.
  6. Was your hypothesis proven or not proven? It’s OK if it’s not proven.
  7. Analyze your results = Explain why you think it happened the way it did.
  8. Form a conclusion = Add any information you think is important for future scientists to study concerning your question. What things you would change?

It will be necessary for students to use a display board to showcase their projects. Please make sure the display board is no greater than 48×48, includes the student’s name, grade and teacher’s name so it gets returned to the appropriate person.

For science fair ideas and websites, you can visit the following websites/resources:

Here is the original handout: Science Fair 2017

Here is a copy of the grading rubric: Individual Science Fair Project Rubric

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