Spring Break Homework Project – Insect Report

Our class will be doing an insect report that is due on Monday, April 13th, 2015.

The insect report will give your child a chance to research an insect of their choice and report back facts. You should guide them to pick non-fiction insect books at the library, review how to use an encyclopedia, and even monitor them while they research online. These are all tools they will use throughout their education. Please use the following as a guide if you wish:

1. Have your child pick an insect they find interesting. All students know of the ladybug so try to persuade them to pick an insect they might not have heard of or know much about.

2. Have them research to find the facts and fill out the report book.

3. Your child can then “build” a model of this insect in a number of ways. They can create a diorama using a shoe box and including the habitat, make a paper mache or clay figure, or even a painting or drawing of the insect.

4. Finally your child will add Chinese labels to the body parts of the chosen insect. The product should have at least the following: head 头, thorax 胸, abdomen 腹, legs 腿, eyes 眼睛, and if applicable, wings 翅膀, antenna 触角.

Your child is encouraged to add more if desired.

5. Help your child be prepared to deliver a short presentation in English. They will introduce themselves, their insect, and a few interesting facts they learned.

The reports and models of the insects will be displayed in the classroom, so please take your time and do your best work!

Thank you,

Second Grade Mandarin Teachers

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