Stone Soup – Thursday 11/21/13

Dear Room 4 Families,

We are planning a Stone Soup celebration on Thursday, November 21st in the afternoon at 1:15-1:45 pm. We would welcome any parent volunteers who are cleared through the fingerprint and TB process. Volunteers would be able to help with setting up tables in the cafeteria at 1:00 pm and serving at 1:15, or cleaning up fate the celebration at 1:45 pm. Please contact the room parent or teacher if you would like to help.

The students have been reading different versions of this story in class. The second grade classes will be celebrating together. Your child has volunteered to bring in one item for our meal. Please have your child bring the assigned item listed on the reverse side of this letter. Fresh vegetables should be brought in on Thursday morning in a ziplock bag. They should be washed, peeled, and chopped/diced into child sized (bite sized) pieces for our soup.

Thank you for your involvement and we look forward to a festive meal shared with our peers. If your child has food allergies, they may bring a cup of soup from home to eat with the class during our celebration. If you are unable to bring your item, or would like to bring something else, please let me know.


Ms. You, Ms. Eau, Mrs. Padgett,Mrs. Fujii, and Ms. Ai

Room 4 Stone Soup Supply List

Today in class, your child volunteered to bring the following items. If you are unable to bring the item or would like to bring something else, please let me know. All vegetables need to be placed in a ziplock bag after being washed, peeled, and diced into small bite-sized pieces for our soup.

Please do not bring more than 1 cup of diced vegetables.

  • Andrew – onion
  • Amelia – carrot
  • Anthony – celery
  • Antonio – chicken broth
  • Caelynne – carrot
  • Cinara – celery
  • Cody – chicken broth
  • Dylan – saltine crackers
  • Esmeralda – carrot
  • Fareen – chicken broth
  • Isabel – zucchini
  • Jack – chicken broth
  • Jaycee – chicken broth
  • Jamal – potato
  • Jacob – paper plates (at least 30)
  • Jamie – chicken broth
  • Jonathan – potato
  • Julia – green beans
  • Kawehalani – ½ cup of rice
  • Kevin – onion
  • Matthew – can of diced tomatoes
  • Meghan – chicken broth
  • Nia – celery
  • Orion – celery
  • Owen – zucchini
  • Risa – ½ cup of rice
  • Thomas  – potato
  • Tyeisha – carrot
  • Zachary – cooked turkey breast, diced into pieces (2 cups)

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