Weekly Newsletter 10/15/13

Dear Room 4 Families,
Your continued contributions to our classroom are greatly appreciated! We are planning an at-school field trip from East Bay Vivarium in November and will be starting a literature study on the story “Stone Soup” where we compare and contrast the different versions of the story. At the end of our literature study, we will be making our own stone soup and eating it in the cafeteria.

Minimum day on Thursday 10/31 for Halloween, and NO SCHOOL on Friday 11/1. Our Halloween party is on Thursday. We will be serving hot dogs with a side and some fruit. Please pack your child a snack and a lunch in case they are hungry. Students may wear costumes to school. Props that are weapons, that make noise, or cover their face (masks) are not allowed. If your child chooses to bring a costume to school to wear, it needs to be something they can put on independently by themselves over their regular clothes. They will not be allowed to go to the bathroom to change. Please consider these restrictions when sending your child to school with complicated costumes, jewelry, makeup, etc.

English Language Arts
This Week’s Story: Fighting the Fire
Working on: Parts of a paragraph, “ai” and “ay” spelling, compound words, using a table of contents, capitalizing a title.
Next week’s spelling words: https://graceyou.com/2nd-2-4-one-grain-of-rice/

Currently on: Topic 5 – Geometry. Your child should be comfortably adding and subtracting numbers up to 20 (without using fingers!). We will be starting two digit addition and subtraction, which involves regrouping.

Current Textbook Lessons: Shuang Shuang 2.5
Things we did:

  • Refined our calendar routine
  • Started an autobiography book
  • Completed a writing and art project
  • Practiced our dictation words, different variations of reading aloud, writing, singing songs, searching for our vocabulary words in our text.

Next week’s dictation words: https://graceyou.com/dictation-week-10/

Check your child’s backpack for returned papers. Take note of anything with a check mark or an “incomplete” on it, as your child needs additional help or practice. Workbook packets are often marked with a check mark because there are pages that were not completed correctly, skipped, or not covered in class. This is good practice at home if you are looking for enrichment activities.

Volunteers, etc.

Our classroom could use some: white cardstock, gallon sized ziplock bags, two-prong brads,  tissue boxes, 30 per sheet Avery address labels, and reams of white paper.

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Ms. You

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