Weekly Newsletter for 3/14/14

Dear Room 4 Families,

Our field trip to CuriOdyssey is next Thursday. Please remember to:

  • Bring your child’s labeled car seat to school on Thursday morning.
  • Be on time! If our class has left, your child will spend the day in another classroom.
  • Pack a lunch in a disposable bag with your child’s name on it.
  • Dress in Stonebrae colors or Huskywear if able. This is not required, but helps make your child easier to spot at CuriOdyssey.

We currently have enough chaperons that have completed the field trip authorization process and are district approved. Parents, family members, and friends who are not authorized with the school beforehand may not join our field trip. This is for your child’s safety!

Our Room 4 students have been continuing to learn about the plant cycle this week. We have been creating collages of flowers in the style of Eric Carle, learning about the parts of a plant and the plant cycle in Mandarin, and have been observing a flower bulb to see when it will bloom.

English Language Arts

Working on: closed syllables, short-vowel/long-vowel spelling, pronouns, plural,  diagrams and labels, homophones, , and publishing our writing.

Next Week’s Spelling Words: https://graceyou.com/2nd-5-3-meet-the-super-croc/

We are currently on Topic 16 – Money. Please continue to work with your child by reviewing the names of coins and how much they are worth, counting by 5’s and 10’s, and practicing two-digit addition and subtraction.

Current Textbook Lessons: Shuang Shuang 3.2
Things we did:

  • Learned the vocabulary words for various types of exercise/sports.
  • Wrote about what sports we disliked, was our favorite, were able to play, and unable to play.
  • Learned how to write our dictation words in stroke order
  • Learned about the plant cycle and plant parts.
  • Using flash cards to review and maintain our past dictation words.
  • Practiced our dictation words, different variations of reading aloud, writing, singing songs, searching for our vocabulary words in our text.

Next Week’s Dictation Words: https://graceyou.com/dictation-week-26/

Lingt (online homework): http://lingtlanguage.com/takeassignment/1748239483987717/


Room 4 could use some:

  • Reams of white copy paper
  • Gallon and snack sized ziplock bags
  • Boxes of tissues (we are almost out!)
  • Any new or gently used items to be given away as prizes for our raffle
  • Cardboard paper towel and toilet paper tubes
  • Intact egg crate boxes
  • Soft plastic lids from any large tubs/containers (yogurt, butter, ice cream, hummus, sour cream, etc.)

Have a great weekend!

-Ms. You

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