Weekly Newsletter for 5/9/14

Dear Room 4 Families,

I am very grateful to all the wonderful families that have been contributing to the class this year! I extend my sincerest gratitude for the support that has been given to the class this year to ensure the opportunities to enrich your child’s curriculum. Thank you to all of the generous families that have been donating for teacher’s appreciation week. The supplies will be put to good use and the Target gift card will be spent on school supplies to further improve your child’s school experience. A special thank you to the Crowe family for getting the Fellowes book binders donated to our classroom/school! Room 4 families are awesome!

The Mandarin Program Spring Showcase is just around the corner! On Friday, May 16th, Room 4 students will meet at 5:30 in Room 4. We will line up and head to the cafeteria at 5:45.  There will be a snack fundraiser from 5-7:30 pm, and the showcase will promptly begin at 6pm in the multi-purpose room. 

Due to the testing schedule, our prep next week will be different. It will resume its regular schedule the following week. Our prep times for next week have changed to:

Monday – Library/Music @ 12:50-1:45

Tuesday – Library/Music @ 1:40-2:45

Friday – PE @ 9:00-9:40 (The class will see the dairy cow assembly at this time)

English Language Arts

Working on:  vowel consonant e syllables, problem/solution, multiple meaning words, text features, expository writing.

Next Week’s Spelling Words: https://graceyou.com/2nd-6-4-super-storms/


Our class is currently on Topic 19 – Multiplication Facts. Please continue working with your child on reviewing skills such as regrouping, telling time, and fractions.

Current Textbook Lessons: Shuang Shuang 3.5, Better Chinese Lesson 20
Things we did:

  • Studied our passage with partners to present in front of the class
  • Discussed what we can/cannot plant
  • Learned about prices and buying things in Chinese
  • Practiced for the Mandarin Showcase
  • Practiced new grammar patterns using our vocabulary words
  • Learned how to write our dictation words in stroke order
  • Practiced our dictation words, different variations of reading aloud, writing, singing songs, searching for our vocabulary words in our text.

Next Week’s Dictation Words: https://graceyou.com/dictation-week-33-34/  (The next 2 weeks are on the same page)

Lingt: http://lingtlanguage.com/takeassignment/1748239967945052/


Room 4 could use some:

  • Reams of white copy paper
  • Gallon and snack sized Ziploc bags
  • Baby wipes/scrubby wipes (Kirkland brand preferred)
  • Boxes of tissues
  • Band-aids
  • Children’s safety scissors
  • Any new or gently used items to be given away as prizes for our raffle

Have a great weekend!

-Ms. You

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