Weekly Newsletter for 4/10/15

Dear Room 4 Families,

I apologize for the delay in the weekly newsletter. I forgot to hit send on Friday!

This week your child jumped right back into their 2nd grade routines. We have been working on lifting the level of our personal narrative by taking a small moment and stretching it over many pages. This includes using descriptive words, writing longer sentences, using quotation marks, and more. Your child has finished up a unit on money. Help your child remember how to add and subtract money by having them count change and to let them figure out how much money they need to make small purchases. We will be revisiting money throughout the year as well as seeing it used in word problems. We will be starting a short review unit on fractions next week.

If you intend to chaperon our classroom field trip to CuriOdyssey, please make sure that your name is on the field trip spreadsheet. Those will be the names that I add to the field trip request form that I will be turning in next week. As a reminder, adult chaperones will be paying for their own admission fee at the door.

Here are links for next week’s homework:

Donation boxes for “Pennies for Patients” have been passed out. This donation drive supports the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and runs from 4/13/15 thru 4/24/15.  On Fridays, the student council will come around to empty your collection boxes.  Besides pennies, students can collect all coins of different denominations.

Lastly, I will be attending the National Chinese Language Conference with Ms. Teng in Atlanta, Georgia this week and will not be in the classroom on Thursday or Friday this week. I will try to answer e-mails in a timely manner, however any pressing issues that you may have should be directed to the office. Also, there will be no weekly newsletter on Friday because I will not have computer access.

Thank you,

-Ms. You

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