Weekly Newsletter for 4/24/15

Dear Room 4 Families,

The updated chaperon list has been submitted today based on the names listed on the spreadsheet available to view here. This week your child wrapped up their personal narrative unit by finishing up their best pieces of work and adding them to their writing portfolios. We have been practicing for our Mandarin Showcase which has been rescheduled to June 5th, 2015. We have finished our unit on fractions in math and have moved on to three digit addition and subtraction. We are currently learning multiple strategies for adding three digit numbers together. The methods we have learned this week include decomposing using expanded form, place value strategy, adding on an open number line, and base-ten blocks. In English Language Arts, we are working on routines for our Daily 5 literacy centers so that we can start rotating into small groups.

The issue with Lingt has been fixed and homework has been assigned the last couple of weeks, however the cover sheet to the homework has not been edited to reflect this change. Please make sure that your child is completing all parts of their homework.

Here are next week’s homework links:

Pennies for Patients is still ongoing and your child’s donation box is being returned in case there are any more coins you would like to put in the box to bring to school.

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Ms. You

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