Weekly Newsletter for 9/11/15

Dear Room 4 Parents,

Your child had a busy week of learning during this shortened week. We started some new routines such as using interactive journals, writer’s workshop, and math games. We have been really pushing the idea of what independent means and practicing independent behavior.

This week we have been reinforcing routines and expectations for behavior. We are also continuing with our first 15 day of school review and warmups to foster a sense of confidence in your child as we start the routines for learning this year. We have been working on our Daily 5 literacy center for independent reading, using our interactive journals to study vowel pattern spelling, learning how to blend words and sentences, as well as talking about different genres of stories including a memoir and a fable.

In math this week, we have been practicing routines for partner work, games, and learning the concept of “ten-ness” through various activities. We have also been looking at numbers for our number of the day, which will be included in the first homework packet, which will go home next Friday.

As the weather continues to be hot, please make sure your child’s jackets and other personal belongings are labeled with their name. A healthy snack would also be helpful in keeping your child’s energy levels regulated throughout the day.

Some donations that Room 4 could use if you feel inclined to donate are Scotch Permanent 3M Glue Sticks (Available at Costco for about half the price listed on Amazon). tissue boxes, and a total of 7 small blue supply caddies as the ones we have are old and the plastic is cracking significantly.

Thank you to those parents who were able to help the classroom this week by bringing donations, or by donating their time to helping organize our materials.

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Ms. You

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