Weekly Newsletter for 10/23/15

Dear Room 4 Families,

Thank you to those who have been donating time, money, supplies, etc. towards our classroom supplies, field trips, and our upcoming Halloween party. We will be celebrating for the last part of Friday next week, which is a regular school day. Your child has the option to wear black and orange to show Halloween spirit, but no costumes will be allowed at school (not even black and orange costumes). Your child will have PE in the morning, so please make sure they are wearing appropriate shoes.

This week in English Language Arts, we have been working on various reading comprehension and word attack strategies. This week we have been focusing on making text connections to help strengthen our comprehension. We have also been using strategies to look at how to read tricky words and most importantly, not to skip over a word that we don’t know. Some parents have been asking about how they can improve their child’s reading comprehension. You can read more about this HERE. One big way you can help your child become a better reader is to not just tell them the word they don’t know, but rather have them use strategies to sound out the word.

This week in math we have been working on place value. We have been playing games better with each other and we are learning to identify the value of tens, ones, and hundreds. We are also decomposing various numbers to add and subtract either in a number sentence or via an open number line. Your child organized numbers from least to greatest and also compared numbers to see which ones were bigger, smaller, or equal to each other. This week we have been working on word problems and working cooperatively in pairs to help each other learn. On Monday, we started learning math on the ChromeBooks using Front Row, which is an adaptive math system that assesses and tailors questions to your child’s individual level. I am hoping to have you child working on Front Row on a regular basis this year in order to offer more personalized learning.

Here are next week’s homework links:

Have a great weekend!

-Ms. You

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