Weekly Newsletter for 10/30/15

Dear Room 4 Families,

Your child had such a fun time during our Halloween craft rotations today! Thank you to the awesome parents who donated their time to come run a center and to all of the families that donated supplies and money towards the classroom celebration. Your child should have come home with a large brown bag with their crafts, goodie bags, and other things. A few students forgot their backpacks at school, which I have left under their desks.

This week we have been learning about compare and contrast with our literature study of Stone Soup. I will gradually be releasing the responsibility to your child to do their own Venn Diagrams and to compare and contrast the events between the different variations of the story. Along with the Stone Soup stories, we have been learning comprehension strategies to help your child understand the text that they read better and using partner talk to share our ideas. For writing, we are working on our All About books. We each picked a person that we felt like we were an expert on, and have been drafting chapters for our books. In math, we have been working on our place value/base 10 concepts as well as reviewing and learning things for our upcoming math assessment that will be administered next week.

Tonight is Boo Bingo and your child and family have the option and are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes if you choose to attend.

I will have a google document up and available soon for you to reserve a spot for the upcoming Parent-Teacher conferences. If you have another child at Stonebrae and have set a conference time with their teacher already, please let me know so I can reserve a spot for you before I release the document for everyone to sign up with.

Here are next week’s homework links:

Have a wonderful and safe Halloween!

-Ms. You

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