Weekly Newsletter for 12/18/15

Dear Room 4 Families,

Thank you for all of your kind gifts for me and for the generous contributions towards our holiday celebration. Your child enjoyed a pizza party, a white elephant book exchange, and got to watch a holiday movie while eating popcorn and coloring some holiday crafts.

Yesterday your child should have brought home their holiday ornament and a letter to Santa. The letter is for your enjoyment and knowledge, however the address on the letter is a real mailing address, so you can add a stamp on it and actually put it in the mail. I am not sure if they send a letter back, so if you do mail it out, please let me know!

There is no homework packet sent home during Winter Break. Please make sure that your Flat Stanley project is ready to be mailed out or has been colored and cut out and ready to go on an adventure with you. Homework will be distributed on the Monday we are back from vacation and will be due on Friday. The spelling test that Friday will include words from this past week as well as the homework packet from the week that we are back.

This week we have been using Flat Stanley as our read-aloud book to practice comprehension strategies. We have been analyzing character traits, asking and answering questions, making predictions, as well as visualizing. In math, we are working on place value in relation to mental math. Please look at the papers in your child’s backpack. I have returned some math worksheets that your child may have been struggling with or did not complete in class. To help your child with mental math, have them manipulate the ones, tens, and hundreds in a number (add/subtract 10, 30, 50, 100, 500, etc.) in their head by changing the number in the correct place.

Here are the homework links for the week that we are back in case you would like to review over the holiday break:

Have a wonderful Winter Break, Christmas holiday, and New Year with your family. I will see you next year (1/4/16)!

-Ms. You


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