Last Newsletter for 2015-2016

Dear Room 4 Families,

Thank you for your thoughtful gifts and contributions towards our last day of school party. Today your child enjoyed wrapping up the school year by cleaning out their desks, doing a last day of 2nd grade project, and enjoying our classroom pizza party. We had a short awards ceremony and signed classroom memory books before we went home.

Report cards were distributed today and should be in your child’s backpack. The copy sent home is for you to keep. Information on the reading grades is in the last newsletter with more detailed links describing the new leveling system we are using this year. Today I gave your child a chapter book for their end of the year gift. The book is a level M text for guided reading (the system we are using) and is the grade level expectation for the end of 2nd grade and beginning of 3rd grade. Your child may be able to read the words in the book, but they may be lacking in comprehension. To help your child this summer, please read books at their appropriate reading level and ask comprehension questions. I have included a link to the type of questions your child should be able to answer entering 3rd grade for level M texts along with a list of popular level M books. You can view the link here:

Here is a list of chapter book series that are organized by grade level:

All classroom accounts are available to use during the summer and will not be deleted until August. Please use these resources to help your child practice and improve. Your child should know their login and password for Raz-Kids, Front Row Math (tn6c4s), Spelling City premium account (check past ClassDojo posts for their username and password), and all of the Chinese links on Lingt and Quizlet.

Thank you for your communication, help, and support this year. Have a wonderful summer and I’ll see you next year with your third graders!

-Ms. You

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