Weekly Newsletter for 12/16/16

Dear Room 4 Families,

We had a fun and exciting week at school.Your child enjoyed their last day before Winter Break with a holiday movie, crafts, and yummy hot chocolate! We said goodbye to our dear friend Mina who is moving away and her last day of school was today. She handed out little journals to the class as a keepsake.

This week in English Language Arts we have been working on character, setting, and plot. We are learning the routines of Reader’s Workshop and using post-its to jot down our thinking. We have been rotating daily for our reading rotations where each group works on a different literacy center and meets with the teacher for guided reading, word work, and reading strategies. We have also been enjoying listening to Flat Stanley and his amazing adventures. On Monday, the Flat Stanley project was assigned. Please make sure that if you are mailing your Stanley, that he is colored, cut out, and mailed ASAP! Here is the link to the assignment instructions and printable Stanley and travel journal if they have been lost: Flat Stanley Project.

In math, we wrapped up our unit on geometry where we learned the difference between plane shapes and solid figures, the names of the shapes, how to partition equally, rows versus columns, and what vertices, edges, sides, and faces are.

We are on Winter break from Monday, December 19th – Monday, January 2nd. We resume school on Tuesday, January 3rd on a regular school day.

Week 12 homework was passed out early for those who wanted to work on it over their winter break. The homework packet is not due until Friday, January 6th. Here are the homework links:

Thank you for the generous cards and gifts! I wish you and your families a joyful and safe winter break. See you next year!

-Ms. You

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