Weekly Newsletter for 2/3/17


Dear Room 4 Families,

Thank you to all of our wonderful parents who helped support and chaperone our field trip today. Our class had so much fun learning about different types of aircrafts, the mechanics behind them, and the history. We have a few more field trips in the works, so please keep an eye out for future opportunities to come along. Our next confirmed field trip date (if we have enough parent drivers) is on Friday, March 17th to Lawrence Hall of Science. Details will be announced once the field trip is approved and the schedule set.

This week in English Language Arts, we used the history of airplanes to help us learn how to make inferences. We used clues and our schema to figure out what was being said that wasn’t explicitly stated in the text. We also learned about different types of planes, from the first prototypes and successful flight by the Wright brothers to military planes. In writing, we are working on embellishing our opinion writing pieces with transition words, a strong closure, and a final thought to persuade our reader to agree with our own opinion.

In math we are working on different strategies for adding larger numbers together. We have been working with the place value strategy and the break apart strategy. The standard regrouping algorithm will be introduced later in this unit so your child can properly understand the concept of regrouping and borrowing tens and hundreds when we add and subtract vertically.

Here are next week’s homework links:

Have a great weekend!

-Ms. You

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