Weekly Newsletter for 5/5/17

Dear Room 4 Families,

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Thank you for all of the kind words, cards, and gifts this week for Teacher Appreciation Week. I’ve been feeling very appreciated and grateful to have such caring families in my classroom.  We have been experimenting with mixed media for our Zentangle art, which will be displayed at the Stonebrae Art Show on May 20th. More info to come!

This week in English Language arts, we are wrapping up the school year by working on applying all of the comprehension skills and reading strategies we have learned this year on close reading. This week’s focus was on identifying character traits and the moral or message of a text. We have also been looking at various texts and identifying the author’s purpose and determining the author’s main purpose for writing the text. In writing, we have started our informational unit and formed research groups to study about different animals. Your child will look for information in an encyclopedia, on the internet with kid approved websites, and in person on our field trip this Thursday to CuriOdyssey. They will be taking a workshop about animal habitats before they search for their animal in the exhibit to research and take down notes on their new learning.

In math, we are in our Measurement and Data unit. This week your child measured various objects using non-standard units (paper clips and cubes) and using rules to understand the difference between inches and centimeters. Your child also learned which measuring tool would be the most appropriate for measuring various types of objects. Next week we will be moving on to collecting and interpreting data using different types of charts and graphs.

Your child was assigned the Famous American Biography Project today and took home a poster board along with the assignment sheet. Please read the directions carefully and help your child research and make their project “come alive” by incorporating good details. The grading rubric was not sent home with the assignment sheet, but is available to view online via the project page. If you have lost the assignment sheet, it is available to view here: https://graceyou.com/second-grade-famous-american-biography-project/

Here are next week’s homework links:

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Ms. You

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