Weekly Newsletter for 9/29/17

Dear Room 4 Families,

Thank you to the families that have donated supplies to the classroom, prizes for our prize box, and have expressed interest in volunteering. Both Mr. Chen and I appreciate your consistency with checking your child’s daily behavior report on ClassDojo and reinforcing good behavior in the classroom.

We currently do not have a room parent for our class. If you are interested in being our Room Parent, please contact me.

This week in English Language Arts…

We finished studying the different spelling patterns for long vowels. We have been identifying words that share a same short vowel sound. We have begun the routine for sustained silent reading, which we are calling “Read to Self.” This routine teaches us how to read independently and with intent, so that we can start working on Reader’s Workshop once the class can retain their reading focus and stamina. We are learning about the three ways to read a book, which helps build reading comprehension.

This week in Writing…

We are continuing with Writer’s Workshop and taking turns sitting in the Author’s Chair to tell a personal narrative story that we will later write down. Once everyone has had a chance to share, we will learn the routines for our writing this year. We have also started a school rules flap book to help us review the behavioral expectations at our school and how we can make a difference.

This week in Math…

We have been working on math fact fluency by adding and subtracting numbers from 1-20. We are also studying word problems and using math vocabulary in order to identify if we should add or subtract. This week we have been working with doubles, doubles +/-1 and +/-2, subtraction doubles, solving a problem using 3 different ways, and adding 3 and 4 digit addends. Please continue practicing math facts so that your child can memorize their basic facts.

This week in Chinese…

We are aiming to complete out Chinese work in a timely manner. Please encourage your child to put in more effort into completing and ultimately learning the Chinese that we are learning in class. We’re writing about if we like the 4 fruits of the week. We’re also memorizing and writing the rainbow color order, in both the Chinese version and Western versions.


Week 3 homework was passed out today. If your child has lost their packet for some reason, the digital file is available to download at the bottom of Mr. Chen’s homework webpage for the same week.

Please visit Mr. Chen’s Week 3 homework page for the homework links: https://sites.google.com/site/17to18chen/homework/week3mandarinhomework

Upcoming Events…

  • 10/4 – PTA Watchdogs Movie Night 6pm
  • 10/13 – School Pictures
  • 10/18 – PTA Walkathon
  • 10/27 – PTA Fall Fest
  • 10/31 – Minimum Day

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Ms. You

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