Weekly Newsletter for 10/6/17


Dear Room 4 Families,

Thank you for Annette (Niles) and Penelope (Natalia) for volunteering to co-room parent for us this year. We have some upcoming events that they will be coordinating, such as Halloween and our Stone Soup celebration for Thanksgiving.

This week in English Language Arts..

We have been building stamina for independent reading and we have started Reader’s Workshop. During this time, your child listens to a mini-lesson and goes to their seat and practices the teaching point with their books. As we build stamina, our goal is to be able to be focused on reading and working with our books for 20-30 minutes and have accountable partner talk with another classmate about the books we have read afterwards. We will soon have all of the students assessed and leveled and we will start using our leveled reading libraries. This week we have been focusing on retelling a story, including the characters, setting, plot, and ending.

This week in Writing…

We learned that we are all storytellers and have shared a story that has happened to us with the class in the author’s chair. We will start with Writer’s Workshop next week and learn the routines to establish their independent and focused writing this year. We also worked on our ‘School Rules’ flap book and wrote about different ways we can follow the rules and why they are important.

This week in Math…

We are focused on solving word problems by identifying if the unknown is a missing or a part. We are reading a word problem, retelling it in our own words, identifying what the unknown is, showing/explaining our answer in multiple ways, and labeling the unit. A picture is included in the top of this newsletter to show you some of the ways we have learned to add and subtract in 2nd grade so far.

Room 4 students started using Prodigy, a fun math game to practice what we have learned so far and review math concepts. Since I’m assigning the math topics and looking at your child’s correct and incorrect answers, I have been asking students not to play on their own at home or at computer because I’m using it as an assessment tool as well and I would like them to complete their math on their own. Also, I want the game to stay engaging and fun for them all year long!

This week in Chinese…

We’re learning about school and finishing up our writing on fruits. We also talked about the Mid-Autumn Festival and completed an activity based on the story. Students are slowly getting better at following the stroke order when writing Chinese characters. Many students are still struggling with completing class work on time. Inattentiveness is the main reason they are completing their assignments late. Room 4 students are still struggling to sustain attention during Chinese time. Please follow up on their behavior using ClassDojo. Most students did poorly (ranging 0-3 out of 10) in the last dictation test. Please encourage your child to put in more effort during their study time and help quiz them using paper and pencil at home before the test.


Some students are skipping the essential problems on their math homework. Please make sure they complete the questions where they need to explain their answer or show their thinking. The portions that your child skip are the things that are hard for them and the skills that are most essential for them to practice.

Here are the links to this week’s online homework: https://sites.google.com/site/17to18chen/homework/week4mandarinhomework

If you need to download a new packet, the link is available at the bottom of the page.

Important Dates…

  • 10/13 – School Pictures
  • 10/18 – PTA Walkathon
  • 10/19 – Great Shake Out
  • 10/27 – Reflections Deadline/PTA Fall Fest
  • 10/31 – Minimum Day
  • 11/1 – No School – Staff Development

Have a great weekend!

-Ms. You

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