Weekly Newsletter for 3/22/19

Dear 2nd Grade Families,

This week our students have been working hard for the Mandarin Showcase tonight. You can find more information on ClassDojo or please contact Ms. Li for your specific questions. She is in charge of both classes and I will be occupied with the backstage crew.

Report cards were passed out to your child in their Friday Folder today. Please go over the report card with your child, sign, and return the envelope to school so I know that you have received it. The report card is for you to keep, please return the empty envelope to be reused for the next trimester. Your child’s grade may have changed due to the increased expectations that follow each trimester. If you have any questions regarding your child’s progress, please feel free to contact me or Ms. Li with your concerns.

This Week in English Language Arts…

Your child continued to infer in various contexts and supported their inference by sharing their background knowledge and tying it back to the text. We are working on root words, prefix/suffixes, and the “oo” spelling. We started small moment writing for personal narratives and have been learning how to take a “big watermelon” idea and finding a “small seed” story and brainstorming ideas for our first piece of writing. Your child has been studying mentor texts to identify the elements of a good small moment story (beginning of the story, the problem, rise in tension/obstacles, resolution, end of the story/moral).

This Week in Math…

We have been using what we know about adding and subtracting larger numbers to work on computational fluency by completing mixed sign equations. Your child has also been working on deciphering word problems and representing the unknown total or part in a math mountain before picking an appropriate strategy to find their answer.

This Week in Chinese…

In our Mandarin class, we continue to reinforce the class and school expectations, routines and procedures; classroom expressions; numbers; days of the week; directions; shapes, time; and currency. We reviewed some math concepts in Chinese and introduced Lesson 8 including vocabulary, phrases, dialogs, the passage and the story in class. We did the bell work, read digital books, practiced character strokes, tried to make complete sentences as well as played academic games, sang songs, learned mini-lessons from mystery science, and their scientific terms in Mandarin. We continued to read stories about Chinese culture and tradition.

Week 25 Homework can be found here: https://graceyou.com/week-25/

Important Dates:

  • 3/22 – Mandarin Showcase 6pm
  • 3/29 – Coffee with the Principal
  • 4/1 – Cesar Chavez Day – No School
  • 4/9 – New Parent Tour
  • 4/15 – 4/19 – Spring Break – NO SCHOOL
  • 4/22 – 4/26 – Ally Week
  • 4/30 – Minimum Day/Open House/Science Fair

Have a Great Weekend!

-Ms. You

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