Please check your child’s backpack

Dear Room 4 Families,

Thank you for bringing your child to school on time this morning and being considerate of not interrupting our morning routines after the bell rang.

In your child’s backpack today, you should have 4 different packets of forms to fill out and return as soon as possible. (Your child was promised a raffle ticket if everything was brought back tomorrow!)

These forms are:

  1. HUSD Acceptable Use Policy Form (To be allowed to use the internet/computer at school, and permission to show your child’s picture and/or work online)
  2. Stonebrae PTA Contact List (This information is for the room parent to use to contact you)
  3. HUSD Emergency Information (To be kept in the office)
  4. Ms. You’s Welcome Letter and Student Information Sheet (With updated 2013-2014  2nd grade supply list)

If your child did not bring home these papers, please contact me so I can send home a new one.


-Ms. You

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