Stonebrae Room 4 Weekly Newsletter for 11/21/14

Dear Room 4 Families,

Your child has had a busy week learning about magnets during our Mad Science presentation, learning about the attributes of plane shapes and solid figures, using opinion writing and comparison writing during their ELA time, and more!

Next week is Thanksgiving break and I sincerely hope that you have a wonderful holiday with your families. I will see your child on Monday, December 1st. That week is on a minimum day schedule for parent-teacher conferences, with no school on Friday. Please make pickup and after school accommodations accordingly. The conference schedule is available for you to view here: If you need to reschedule your time slot, please e-mail me or message me through ClassDojo.

Your child has 2 homework assignments to work on during Thanksgiving break. The first is a Chinese character writing sheet that is in their backpacks. They are required to practice the individual characters in their name, and then practice writing their name with the characters combined all together on the last rows of boxes. The second assignment is the grandparent interview. Both of these assignments are due on Monday, December 1st. I apologize for the typo in my original e-mail.

Have a great Thanksgiving break!

-Ms. You


  1. HI Ms. You,
    Could you please email or post the two homework assignments for Dec 1st? Jon was out Friday last, and didn’t bring home the Grandparent assignment in his backpack the day before. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Yours,
    Lydia & Gordon & Jon & sister Anjuli

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