Stonebrae Room 4 – Weekly Newsletter for 3/13/15


Dear Room 4 Families,

Your child has been very busy this week getting ready for their Brown Bag Book Club literacy activity today. Room 4 students have been very excited about coming to school! We have moved on from place value to 1000 and are starting a short unit on time before jumping into adding greater numbers. If your child is still struggling with place value, please help them work with expanded form, representing hundreds, tens, and ones in various ways, and breaking apart numbers (ie. 532 is 500 + 30 + 2) in various ways (ie. 7 is 5+2).

Your child is also extremely excited to attend our upcoming field trip to Lawrence Hall of Science on Tuesday March 17th. Please make sure your child has eaten breakfast, visited the bathroom, and is on time to school on Tuesday. Your child needs a bag lunch with their name on it, which will be disposed of after lunch. If your child is wearing a jacket in the morning, remind them to either leave it in the classroom, or to have them wear a lighter jacket so they do not leave it behind. If your child is late to school and we have already departed, they will spend the day in Room 8.

Room 4 could use some donations of:

  • boxes of tissues
  • antibacterial wipes
  • Scotch brand (3M) permanent glue sticks
  • Elmer’s washable glue sticks
  • The following Kevin Henkes Books: Owen, A Weekend with Wendell, Lilly’s Big Day, Julius the Baby of the World, Penny and Her Song, Hooray for Penny!, Penny and her Marble, and Wemberly Worried (I’ve already borrowed this one, but it’d be nice to add to the classroom collection)

Here are next week’s homework links:



Have a wonderful weekend!

-Ms. You

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