Weekly Newsletter for 9/1/17


Dear Room 4 Families,

Thanks for such a smooth transition into the school year. I’d like to say thanks for the families that have brought donations into the classroom, signed up for ClassDojo, and have returned all of their forms from your child’s first day packet.

The weather been quite unpredictable with cold mornings and hot afternoons.  Between the Room 7 switch and moving around the school for various activities, there have been several items that have been left behind. Please make sure to write your child’s first and last name on their belongings so that they can be easily identified if lost.

On Monday your child took home the Brown Bag Biography assignment. Your child’s paper bag is due on Tuesday, September 5th and we will share our bags with the class throughout the week and take them home when we are finished presenting.

There is NO SCHOOL on Monday, September 4th in observance of Labor Day.

Next week will be “Week B” in our switching schedule. That means Room 4 will start their day in Mr. Chen’s class in Room 7. In order to accommodate for the classroom switch, your child will be asked to first put their lunch box in the Room 4 lunch cart (be careful to check the number on the cart!) and then place their backpacks neatly in a line on their room number at the playground. That way when Mr. Chen picks up Room 4 students, their backpacks are ready to go into his classroom. Room 4 students will be finishing the day in Room 4 and will be dismissed from my classroom.

Our Room 4 students are lucky this year! They get 2 PE prep classes each week due to my position as a lab site teacher. During their extra PE class, I work with a coach and other teachers to research and implement activities in the classroom that promote the best teaching practices. There may be a few days this year where I will be in and out of the classroom to work with teachers that observe me teaching a lesson in Room 4. At the moment, PE is scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please make sure your child is wearing PE shoes on both days or they will not be able to participate.

Also, please make sure to check ClassDojo reports regularly and reinforce your child’s good behavior and discuss how they lost points. A good day is usually around 7-8 points a day. Having the follow through at home helps your child stay motivated, focused, and ready to learn. Most points and comments are entered into ClassDojo by 5pm. There may be notes written on your child’s daily behavior report if there was a specific issue that needed to be addressed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or Mr. Chen on Classdojo.

Have a wonderful 3-day weekend!

-Ms. You


  1. Thank you Ms. You and Mr. Chen! You are both awesome!!

    Jace’s mom

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