Weekly Newsletter for 9/8/17

Dear Room 4 Families,

Our second week of school has been very busy learning routines and establishing cooperative behaviors. Your child was very excited to present their Brown Bag Biographies and enjoyed listening to their classmates share about themselves. We are learning how to be a good audience and to be respectful to each other during these presentations. Due to the short week, we will continue our presentations next week.

It was nice to meet so many parents this week. I look forward to seeing everyone on Back-To-School Night on Tuesday, September 19th. Please keep a lookout on ClassDojo for more information as we will be combining our presentation with Mr. Chen and Room 7 for a seamless transition into the school year.

This week in English Language Arts…

We are reading stories about RJ, a very relatable student who has some problems in school. Using whole group discussion and partner talk, we have been learning about how to be successful students and modeling cooperative behaviors. In writing, we finished our Second Grade Flap Book and are reviewing school and classroom information in our Back-to-School Flap Books.

This week in math…

We have been working on number sense, addition and subtraction, communication mathematical thinking through dot talks, and math mountains (a visual representation of fact families).

This week in Chinese…

We have been learning each other’s Chinese name and your child has started using the 4 color pen stroke order (red, green, blue, black) to write their own name. We have also been reviewing routines, behavior expectation, and the 4 school rules all in Chinese.


In both Room 4 and Room 7, your child starts out their day by putting away their belongings and working on their morning work. This will be in both English and Chinese. It is a daily practice of the skills that we have learned and it is not graded. In each class we go over the answers together.

Some parents have expressed concern over their child’s academic performance. Research shows that for most students, a dual-language immersion environment has many benefits: higher intelligence, more cultural sensitivity, a broader worldview, etc. As your teacher, I want your child to have a successful future. Research shows that most students will catch up around 4th grade and their test scores will surpass their peers who are enrolled in English only classrooms (source). Your child’s success will also depend on your help with keeping them accountable for their homework, having clear expectations for their attitude towards learning, and behavior in the classroom.

To help your child be successful, please check your child’s behavior report on ClassDojo daily and reward good behavior and continue to set achievable goals (ie. “Your goal today is to get at least 5 participation points.”) and discuss negative behaviors that are detrimental to your child’s learning. All points and notes regarding behavior are usually entered into ClassDojo by 4:30pm.

Next week we return to our Week A switching schedule, so Room 4 will start the morning with me and will be dismissed from Mr. Chen’s classroom at the end of the day. PE is on Tuesday and Wednesday, so please remind your child to wear their PE shoes.


Homework is turned in first thing in the morning on Fridays (Thursday if there is no school on a Friday.) The homework is turned into whichever teacher they have in the morning. Your child was assigned homework today that consists of a reading log and a Chinese character writing sheet with their name on it. This week’s homework is for your child to practice writing their name in stroke order, using the 4 color pen stroke order (red, green, blue, black). Please follow the stroke order guide for each character and alternate the pen colors and repeat the order until the word is completed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or Mr. Chen directly on ClassDojo.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend,

-Ms. You

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