Weekly Newsletter for 10/27/17

Dear Room 4 Families, 

Both Rooms 4 and 7 are grateful to the parent volunteers who have been helping behind the scenes to help our classroom and school events run smoothly. This week’s Huskytrot was very lively and the students had so much fun! Thank you to the families who have been donating supplies towards our Halloween celebration next Tuesday.

Important Halloween News!

Halloween Day (10/31) is a minimum day and November 1st is a no-school day. We resume school on Thursday. Since Halloween is on a Tuesday, we will have a shortened PE prep. If your child is wearing their costume to school, please make sure they come to school wearing their PE shoes.

Wearing a costume is optional. Since it’s a minimum day with a prep class, your child does not have the time to change in and out of their clothes. If they are wearing a  costume to school, please make sure they come to school wearing it and that they have appropriate clothing underneath. They may remove the clothing during the day if it is bothering them. Here are a few guidelines to follow:

  • No masks that cover the face
  • Costumes must cover your child’s body appropriately (without too much skin showing)
  • No prop weapons (guns, swords, lasers, ninja stars, nunchucks, etc.)
  • No props that are distracting, electronic, has flashing lights, makes noise, etc.
  • Your child needs to be able to take off/put on their own costume

Students who are not costumed appropriately will be sent to the office to wait for a change of clothes. Any props that are distracting to the learning of the class will be confiscated for the day and returned after school.

This week in English Language Arts…

We are learning to use the classroom library! Next week we will start incorporating the routines for Reader’s Workshop center rotations. We are still studying story structure and identifying the elements of a fiction story. In writing, we are working on our personal narrative writing. Your child is learning about the writing process, which includes brainstorming, pre-writing, rough draft, revising, editing, and final draft.

This week in Math…

We finished Unit 1 and wrapped up the unit with our math benchmark assessment. We started Unit 2 this week and are working on place value and working with numbers between 1-200. You can help your child prepare for this unit by asking them how many hundreds, tens, and ones are in a number, and asking them to count by 10’s from a random number (79, 89, 99, 109, 119, etc.)

This week in Chinese…

We finished the school unit this week! Almost everyone finished the 2 core worksheets even though both teachers were out on Tuesday for a professional training. We switched back from science to social studies to talk about Halloween in Chinese. In writing we are finishing the school writing and some have already started to share.


Here is the link to the homework for Week 7: https://sites.google.com/site/17to18chen/homework/week7mandarinhomework

Important Dates:

  • 10/31 – Minimum Day/Halloween
  • 11/1 – No School – Staff Development
  • 11/7 – PTA Board Meeting
  • 11/10 – Holiday
  • 11/16 – PTA Meeting
  • 11/17 – Make up Picture Day/Trimester 1 Ends
  • 11/20 – Thanksgiving Break
  • 11/29 – PTA See’s Candy Orders Due

Have a great Halloween weekend!

-Ms. You

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