Weekly Newsletter for 2/9/18

Dear Room 4 Families,
I am out of the classroom and will return on Wednesday, February 14th. Please address your immediate concerns to Mr. Chen or the office. Please check the ClassDojo story post regarding Valentine’s Day to see the guidelines for our very busy and short day. There is NO SCHOOL on Monday, February 12th.
Your child enjoyed activities celebrating the 100th day of school. We read stories about the 100th day, wrote about what we would do if we found one hundred dollars, and tried to think of 100 words. Your child was also invited to bring and share 100 items to the class during Mandarin sharing time.
This week in English Language Arts…
Your child was learning how to improve their responses for their text connections by adding in details about specific parts of the books they are reading and connecting them to specific examples. Other Stonebrae teachers enjoyed watching your child working on making connections during our English time and were impressed by the partner talks they were having about their books.
This week in Writing…
We have been continuing organizing and updating our sloppy copies in our opinion writing unit. Your child also wrote about what they would with one hundred dollars for the 100th day of school writing.
This week in Math…
Your child has been learning about measuring with the English system by measuring to the nearest inch, foot, and yard. We have been comparing the measurements to the metric system and noticing differences on line plots. Your child enjoyed measuring and learning their height in inches.
This week in Chinese…
We wrapped up the animal unit with students writing animal riddles. Students really enjoyed writing them as well as guessing them. In Writing students have been writing about their favorite pets in their opinion writing. They have worked really hard to expand their reasons to support their opinion from one to three. In Science students having been learning about the landform river. They finished writing and will draw about the landform next week.
Week 18 homework has been passed out in your child’s Friday folder. You can view the homework page here: https://sites.google.com/site/17to18chen/homework/week18mandarinhomework
Important Dates:
2/14 – Valentine’s Day
2/16 – Chinese New Year
2/19 – Presidents’ Day (no school)
2/20-2/26 – Extra Minimum Days
Have a great 3-day weekend!
-Ms. You

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